Low-Voltage Lighting: Now more than ever!

If you are thinking about installing an architectural or landscape lighting system you should strongly consider a low-voltage system. With no end in sight to escalating energy prices the benefits of a low-voltage system over an  “energy hog”, 120-volt lighting system are significant.  The advances in low-voltage fixtures and transformers over the last ten years have produced systems that create comparable illumination for a fraction of 120-volt systems (both in terms of upfront cost and ongoing costs).

 Low-voltage fixtures will generally average $150 – $200 per installed fixture (this includes the fixture, transformers, cable, accessories and installation). 120-volt systems will average $250 – $350 per installed fixture.

The fixture price is not the only area of savings.  An average low-voltage system of 15 light fixtures and a total wattage consumption of 500 watts will cost $.40 (40 cents) to operate for 8 hours per night. A comparable 15 light, 120-volt system with total wattage consumption of 1500 watts would cost $1.20 for 8 hours per night. While the difference doesn’t sound huge multiply that times 365 days and you have suddenly saved almost $300 in just one year!

 In addition, low-voltage systems are safer for families with children and pets and are much more flexible when it comes to adapting to your changing landscape (120-volt systems will require licensed electricians to install or change fixtures).

The overall benefits of low-voltage systems will surely point you in that direction.

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