Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting


Low Voltage Lighting Systems are superior to line voltage systems for many reasons…


Less Site Constraints

The smaller size of the 12 volt fixtures allows the fixtures to be easily concealed.

Low voltage lamps provide (on average) three times the output of line voltage lamps.


Less Costly to Install

There is no need for extensive conduit runs, junction boxes or expensive hardware.

Installing an average low voltage lighting system can be easily accomplished in one day.



Low voltage fixtures can be easily moved, adjusted and replaced as the landscape matures or requires more light.


Lower Energy Costs

Low voltage lamps are smaller in size, require lower watts which reduce energy and typically have a longer life than line voltage products.


Safety, Security, Beauty and Entertainment

*Low voltage lighting can be easily located in most any area of the yard.  12-volt power is typically less dangerous than conventional line voltage power.


*Low voltage lighting is recommended by many fire, police and city services as a deterrent to crime and a great way to identify a property at night.


*Low Voltage lighting extends the hours of nighttime enjoyment and increases the value of most properties.


*Lighting adds a sense of pride, awe and wonder for most any landscape setting.


* Exterior lighting creates curb appeal after dark.  Your home can be thought of as a “blank canvas” and lighting is the “paint” that brings everything to life at night.


As you can see there are many reasons a professionaly designed and installed low-voltage lighting system is superior to the “old-guard” style line voltage dinosaurs…



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One Response to “Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting”

  1. Loraine Yoder August 1, 2008 at 11:45 pm #

    I agree that 12 volt lighting is the way to go.

    I have a hanging basket that combines the 12 volt lighting and self-watering for a basket that looks great all the time. I can put it on a timer, and it turns off when I want it to. Or I can leave it on all night if I need the use of a security light.

    I get a great plant that can be seen at night as well, which adds to the curb appeal. The water is on a different timer, so I am not wasting water, either.

    Do you have specific lighting favorities?


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