LED Retro Fit…the next generation in energy efficiency

LED Retro Fit…the next generation in energy efficiency

Benefits and Features of Retro Fitting with LED-

Between 1960 and 1990, landscape lighting was still in the “infancy” stages and a majority of landscape projects didn’t include much lighting. Most of the designs were basic “Malibu” type or common auto lamp fixtures. Not much thought was given to fixture and lighting design.

The most dramatic change was in the early 1990’s with the introduction of multi-tap transformers, more variety of lamp choices and better fixture materials and design. This allowed the landscape lighting industry to be one of the fastest growing segments in home improvement.

With larger projects came obstacles – voltage loss, complicated wire runs and over voltage with the options of higher voltage transformers. Installing less than 11v would cause inconsistent and dim lighting and installing more than 12 volts will cause premature lamp failure.

Landscape lighting required a specialized knowledge of electricity and the need for exact testing with voltage meters. Also, transformers and cable became a very expensive part of the lighting project.

Today, with the advent of new LED technology, the industry now has more options with less complication. Not only does LED allow for easier and quicker design layouts, energy costs, (which have risen dramatically), are also greatly reduced.

We’ll discuss benefits and other aspects of LED lighting in future posts…

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