Why designing and retro-fitting with LED makes sense (and cents)!

Why LED makes sense:
• Easier Installation – LEDs have a voltage range of 9v to15v, which allow for a greater “sweet spot” on each branch circuit. Rather than utilizing 11.4 to 11.7 with incandescent/halogen, LEDs allow for a much more forgiving voltage range.
• Less Wattage – Lower watts allow for less cable and smaller size transformers. This greatly offsets the cost of using LED’s.
• Back to basics – With lower wattage, wiring methods can be simplified. Going back to the “daisy” chain is now common on many of LED installations. This will save on the cost of cable as well as the cost of installation.
• Longer Life – LED’s last approx. 30,000 hours compared to 3,000 hours of incandescent lamps.
• Less Worry Regarding Premature Lamp Failure – In the past, lamp burn out would cause the rest of the circuit branch to be affected with higher voltage. This is referred to as “the popcorn effect” when one light went out, the rest of the lights would soon follow as voltage increased on the branch circuit.
• Greater Color Options – LED’s offer several versions of white (deep warm, warm, neutral and cool) as well as brilliant colors and RGB color changing options.

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