Benefits of LEDs

Benefits of LEDs
LEDs are currently the most efficient light source available – On average, LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. Standards allow for a 30% drop in efficiency over time, so most LED manufacturers state 30,000 hours.

LED lamps operate with virtually no heat or affect to room temperature – No heat means less corrosion and socket defects. LED lamps offer tremendous energy savings – LED’s are 7-10 times more efficient and can pay for themselves over the life of the lamp.

LED lamps are shock and vibration resistant – Many incandescent and fluorescent lamps are susceptible to shock and ground movement. LED’s do not have a filament to break from the circuit.

LED lamps offer vibrant color options – LED technology can offer a brilliant pallet of colors as the diodes and circuitry have more options than incandescent technology.

LED lamps are the basis for new solar technology – Ultimately; solar power is the end game as this will have the greatest impact on energy consumption. The first step to efficiency is to reduce the power requirement which will mean fewer panels on the property.

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