LED Landscape Lighting Service – Price Gouging

I recently got a call from a landscape lighting client for whom we had installed a LED landscape lighting system back in 2012. We warrant our LED bulbs for one full year (our brass and copper fixtures and stainless steel transformers are warranted for lifetime) so the bulbs were several years out of warranty. As a courtesy I provided her with a web source for LED bulbs. Before she got a chance to get online and order, her irrigation company came out to do some work. She inquired about them changing the bulb and they “were thrilled” to do it.

My client received the bill and was stunned to see a charge for a 3 watt, MR16 LED at $41.99. That my friends is highway robbery (unless of course the bulb was coated in 24 carat gold). Had she had a chance to visit our web source she would have seen a price of less than $4.00. Now I am a free market capitalist all the way and do not begrudge anyone the opportunity to make money, however taking extreme advantage of people is no way to do business. I also understand the need to make a fair markup on all my services and materials but I could surely not sleep well at night if I had done that to anyone…

If you are in need of landscape lighting service call around and get a few quotes or feel free to contact us for any of your landscape lighting needs. The same applies to design and installation of new LED Lighting Systems. We publish our prices up front so you know what you are getting, a high quality system at a fair price!

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