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LED LIGHTING – More about Color Temperature

More about color or Kelvin- Selecting the right color lamp is critical to a perfectly designed lighting system. The most common Kelvin is 3000k or closest to halogen. The most common Kelvin colors are: • 2700k-3000k = Very Warm Incandescent • 3000k = Warm White or Halogen • 4100k = Neutral / Cool White • […]

More about Lumens

Lumens are the most important measurement when measuring actual light. Every one of us was taught to look at “watts” to measure light output. Watts actually measure heat and will vary by manufacturer. Lumens are the new watts, as they are defined and measureable. It is important to note that tighter beam angles and higher […]

LED Lingo

Understanding lighting fundamentals is critical to successful lighting design. Here are the key lighting terms and concepts: • Efficacy – Energy shown in lumens per watt (lpw) • Lumen – Intl Measurement for visible, spherical light – more accurate than watts. • LPW – Lumens per watt- Lumens output divided by consumed watts • Foot […]

What do you like or dislike about your LED’s?

Let us know how your LED’s are working out for you? What have you used them for??                           solar lighting residential landscape lighting security lighting professional landscape lighting security lights landscape lighting installation landscape lights garden outdoor lighting exterior lights landscape lighting kits […]


LED’s are now available in most lamp bases and conventional sizes. Also, most 12v LED’s are now compatible with standard transformers, which mean they can be integrated and designed with conventional incandescent and halogen products. LED’s are great for many applications including: solar outdoor lighting copper landscape lights outdoor lighting landscape lighting company garden lighting […]

Benefits of LEDs

Benefits of LEDs LEDs are currently the most efficient light source available – On average, LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. Standards allow for a 30% drop in efficiency over time, so most LED manufacturers state 30,000 hours. LED lamps operate with virtually no heat or affect to room temperature – No heat means less […]

Welcome to the new outdoor lighting blog!

We will be sharing useful information, tips and more regarding outdoor lighting suppliers and management. This blog is sponsored by Delta Distributing which distributes outdoor lighting products to businesses and consumers all around the world. Please check back frequently as we will we sharing our experience as often as we can. If you have any […]