About Us

A love of the outdoors led Mark Ledyard to found Delta Outdoor Lighting in 1994. The desire to extend the usefulness of outdoor spaces inspires a creative and passionate love of architectural and landscape lighting. This passion translates to a wonderful experience for home owners and businesses who seek to enhance their property for beauty, safety and security.

Still locally owned, Delta specializes in the latest LED technologies. Coupled with professional design, low impact installations and an attention to detail, Delta’s personal approach to each job sets us apart from the crowd.

Working closely with our clients, we incorporate their specific lighting goals and budgets into our lighting designs. As each property is unique, so are the landscape lighting designs we create. Our experienced designers are specialists in creative lighting design.

From intimate urban homes to country estates and small commercial properties, we have the knowledge to match the property with a custom group of lighting fixtures that in combination will provide breathtaking results. The quality of our landscape lighting systems are appreciated by our clients and fellow design professionals. As a result, a great portion of the projects we install are a result of referrals from clients, landscape architects, landscape designers, interior designers, and electrical contractors.

We use a wide variety of fixtures to accomplish the desired effects, no cookie cutters here!. We also use specially designed glare reduction fixtures and long life energy efficient LED lamps to insure that each system performs according to the design goals.

We take great pride in each landscape lighting system we install. It is important to us that our clients receive many years of enjoyment from their Delta Landscape Lighting System. Our lighting designers and maintenance personnel are committed to providing maintenance services for all our systems so they will continue to operate as originally installed. Our clients take comfort in knowing that whether five years or twenty years after the date of their installation, we will be available to maintain and add to their custom landscape lighting system.